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Simple token ERC-20 like example

This simple project showcases how to create a ERC-20 like project on Hyperledger Fabric, it includes a simple unit test and instructions to run it locally.

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Fullstack application

The current mono-repo is a simple project to showcase the ease and power of Convector by creating a basic Drug Supply Chain fullstack application example.

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Identity patterns on the Blockchain

Identity on Convector is based on native patters from Fabric. Read more here.

This repo includes an example of:

  • Participants chaincode for shared references in business chaincodes.
    • Fingerprint based registration of participants.
  • ABAC-based authorization in the participant for Admin tasks like updating the x509 identity after a identity had to be updated. Read more
  • A business chaincode called "product-cc" that leverages this identity pattern.

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Unit tests and debugging

With Convector, you can run local unit tests with a Mock ledger that you can also use to debug your code. With the latest versions of Hurley and Convector Smart Contracts it’s now even possible to debug straight from the blockchain.

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Private Data

One of the main concerns the enterprise has around the Blockchain technology is the “public” by default state of most of the frameworks and networks out there.

Private Data is a feature that allows organizations in a network to share both “public” (accessible to all participants) and private data in the same channel.

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Video with Demo

Community Code References

The community and ecosystem around Convector are the best references for how to unleash the power of enterprise blockchain systems with Convector.

An end to end supply chain project - built by Luca Tamburrano

The most complete end to end tutorial by a community member. A supply chain network from the design to the code.

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Blog Post

HL7 FHIR financial module - built by InstaMed

A project to bring the HL7 FHIR financial module to the blockchain. A comprehensive project with a large smart contract following the international standard defined by FHIR, an API server, and a VUE front end.

Source Code
Blog Post
Live Prototype
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