Convector Developer Office Hours

A weekly meeting to talk about Convector, clear your doubts, and discover all the new and exciting features of the Convector Suite.

Here's the list of recording with the topics covered:

  • Episode #1
    • What's new in Convector 1.3.
    • A high-level view of Convector's architecture that allows it to even run in the browser.
    • Hot-reload while developing.
    • Private data in Fabric.
  • Episode #2
    • Complex data models and FlatConvectorModel.
    • Running Convector in the browser.
    • Debugging a chaincode.
    • Authentication patterns.
  • Episode #3:
    • Deep dive into Convector's layers.
    • Cross chaincode communication.
  • Episode #4
    • Going through a real-life prototype.
    • A smart contract system architecture layers - included how are certificates managed.
    • High level view of Fabric's architecture.
  • Episode #5
    • Chaincode events.
    • Cross-channel communication.
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